Craft Services in Orange County, Los Angeles County & San Diego County

Let us take care of all of your craft service needs. Give Hautè Productions the privilege of providing craft services to you and your team.Craft service packages are arranged according to your budget and specific needs.#1 affordable solution to keeping your crew well-fed and productive. Catering and craft services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customized services also include buffet style catering, full craft services with attendant, delivery craft services and equipment rental.

As a full service catering company, we can provide any and all your need for catering and
craft services, from tenting, tables and chairs, grills, on site chef services, full attendance
crafty staff, etc.

• All day craft services
• Morning calls
• On to the next scene
• Extra meals

Our creative and nutritious offerings never fail to impress! Elegant and delicious meals will
satisfy your crew’s most ravenous appetites.
A craft service menu will be created, tailored to meet your unique specifications, and may
include such things as whole organic fruits, gourmet deli sandwiches, crisp green salads,
succulent beef and chicken dishes, high protein snacks, gourmet coffees, and fruit
smoothies. We also offer breakfast options.
Leave it to our Chef to deliver you and your staff the finest fare that Southern California craft
services has to offer.


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