Drug Treatment Catering

Drug Treatment Catering

Drug Treatment Catering

Clients of a detox facility are as unhealthy as they have ever been. They have, for months, possibly years, been involved with their drug-of-choice. They have been driven by addiction. They have relinquished all thoughts of healthy living. They have ignored all that feeds the human psyche and body. Exercise, sleep, and a quality diet have gone by the wayside.

If these clients are to be presented with a choice between healthy living and addiction, we must have a well-rounded approach to health, if they are to envy the former and rebuke the latter. Just as sleep and exercise are critical to health, nutrition plays a huge role in improving cognition, making quality choices, and feeling well again. Feeding the body the quality and essential nutrients to process information and energize the body is a must.

After many years of unhealthy eating, it is not surprising that addicts and alcoholics are going to be “picky” eaters and are going to want not only food that is nutritious but the meals also need to be visually stimulating too. At Haute’ Productions, we know what works for detox and rehab meal preparation.

We work with leaders in the industry, Dietitians and allergist to identify and utilize those most important foods and nutrients in an attempt to rebuild the malnourished body.

All of our menu items are well balanced, natural foods that will give the client the energy to focus, and the tranquility to rest.

Having clients enjoy eating again is not only science but culinary art too.


At Hautè Productions we know detox and rehab meal preparation “secrets” that come only with experience*. 

*Chef Keith has a revocery Clean date of 6/28/13

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